Bush Paper Co.
Eco-Friendly Removable Wallpaper Décor

Case Study

Bush Paper Co. offers a range of eco-friendly and removable wallpapers that can transform any room into a new and vibrant space. With a variety of patterns to choose from, their wallpapers are versatile and suitable for all design themes. Whether you're looking to add a pop of color to old furniture or simply refresh a room, Bush Paper Co. has an option to suit your needs.

My Role

Logo Design • Pattern Design • Website Development

Logo Design

light bulb-green

To begin the design process, I familiarized myself with the brand's vision and values to understand their goals and preferences.

After doing my research, I sketched multiple designs and selected three to present to the production director.

The director provided feedback on the designs, ultimately choosing a favorite.

I then refined the chosen design based on feedback from the director and my own judgment.

Throughout this process, I discussed the design with the director to gather their likes and dislikes.

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Once the final design was approved by the director, I created different versions of the logo for various uses, such as grayscale and versions optimized for social media platforms.


Inspired by the brand’s aesthetic: nature, modern, and eco-friendliness.

logo idea 1
logo idea 2
logo idea 3

Refining Design

The director selected the third design, and I refined it further based on their vision.

refining Logo 1
refining logo 2
refining logo 3

Final Version

logo mock up 1
logo mock up 2
logo mock up 3

Developing the Website

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To develop the website, the director selected Shopify, a user-friendly
e-commerce platform, and presented website examples that they envisioned.

They chose a website theme that they liked, and I started my process based on it.

Based on the director's vision, I designed and developed the layout for each page.

To match the brand aesthetic, I used stock images and made necessary adjustments.

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Once I completed the website, the director reviewed it and provided feedback. I made adjustments as needed to ensure that the website met the expectations.

After the website is approved, it went live and became available to the public.

Website Image
Website Image

Designing Pattern

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The process started with the design director providing examples of the design she liked, and I created similar patterns using Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop.

These designs were inspired by trending styles, and Bush Paper Co's brand identity.

I presented the design to the director for review and made any necessary adjustments.

Design Icon
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After the director approved the design, I created product images and listed them on various sales platforms, such as Amazon, eBay and Shopify.

Humming bird and Magnolia Wallpaper
Scallop wallpaper
herringbone wallpaper
monogram wallpaper
floral wallpaper
art deco wallpaper
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