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Sushi 88

Menu • Poster

Sushi 88 is a restaurant situated on the northwest side of Las Vegas. It is known for its classic Japanese sushi infused with Mexican flavor. The restaurant offers a modern and casual ambiance, creating an inviting space for locals to gather. As a designer, I crafted menus that embody a clean and simplistic aesthetic with colorful twists, capturing the vibrant and deliciousness of Sushi 88. Additionally, I designed a poster that incorporates the symbol of 88, intertwined with classic Japanese scenery. This poster enhances the restaurant's aesthetic, imbuing it with a fresh and captivating appeal.

Drink Menu
Sushi 88 Happy Hour Menu

The UNLV Surplus Center Mural

University of Nevada, Las Vegas

This mural is design for the UNLV Surplus Center. It is a warehouse that stores owned surplus property for the University of Las Vegas. It sells such property to eligible entities on campus, and to the general public through its online store, campus surplus center sales, and/or public auctions.

This mural is inspire by the various goods that is inside of the surplus center, and the recycling purpose of the center.

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Mural-UNLV Surplus Center
Mural-UNLV Surplus Center
Mural-UNLV Surplus Center
Mural-UNLV Surplus Center
Mural-UNLV Surplus Center
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